Saturday, August 24, 2013

1.29 - Long Time No See

"So remind me again why we had to move?"  Cami whined.

"Because Jessie was attracting unwanted attention. You may not have noticed the paparazzi everywhere but I did and I don't want the children growing up around that." Zebrina answered for the hundreth time.

"I didn't want to move! What about all my clients? They needed me!"

"Damn it Cami you think I wanted to move? I lost my horses for pete's sake! Feugo and I were headed straight for the top but I put the children before me and they aren't even mine! Why am I the only responsible one around here!" she fumed.

They finally arrived at the new house. 

"It's so modern! So huge! I love it!" Cami exclaimed.

The new house was located on the edge of Moonlightfalls. It had five bedroom which meant no one had to share a room. Upstairs was a very modern walkway and four of the bedrooms. Jessie was given the room downstairs.

"I freaking love it here. A gym and spa. I may never leave." Cami said sinking deeper into the water.

Jessie had ran to her room as soon as they arrived but Zebrina took the opportunity to talk to the kids.
"Cadyn? Are you okay? You've been really quiet."

"Ya. I'm okay. I just don't want to go inside yet."

Rina nodded. "Are you going to miss the old house? And your friends?"

"I don't know. Maybe I will find new friends here. Back home everyone teased me about my dad. It sucks not knowing having a dad." he sighed.

Zebrina choked on her breath. She remembered those moments. The moments when you feel unwanted. She had always run to her sister when she felt that way. She could only imagine how Cadyn felt. He had a mother but not one that listened. Cami did not have a maternal bone in her body it seemed. 

"I know how that feels. You know I'm always here if you wanna talk or hang out, right?"

"Ya. I know..." Cadyn trailed off. He sat still for a moment then went back to playing with his doll.
"So Rina am I allowed to participate in the festivities?" Jessie asked and made a motion to Cami and the keg.

Zebrina laughed. "Are you kidding? You're gonna be upstairs with the kids. If I catch you with a drink in your hand you are going straight to jail for the night. I'm not kidding Jessie."
"Oh come on! You can't keep me up there. My bedroom is downstairs."

"Your baby is upstairs."
"What about this. I keep track of Sheree and as long as I don't drink I can come downstairs?"

"Fine but not a single drink."
The party went great.
Cami danced with almost every guy there, single or not. Every single man found her attractive and tried to hit on her at one point in the night.
The keg flowed like a river and even Rina ended up pretty plastered.
Not as much as Cami though. This guy did not appreciate a surprise kiss when his wife war across the room.
Speaking of wives, these two made out in the kitchen and then woohooed in Jessie's bed. Needless to say she will be having another baby soon.
A few days later Cami headed for the park to meet one of the guys from the party. She couldn't remember which but that didn't matter.
"Hi. I'm Cami. I beileve we met at my party?"

"No no. I do not have time for parties. I am the proprietor I have way too much to do than hang around peasants like you."
"I think you hav me confused with someone else. I am Cami Rain, professional stylist and it looks like you need some work." she scoffed.

They talked for a while and after the inital snobbishness was over they really clicked. Cami also got a phone call from her 'date'. He ended up being a no show. 
"Ya. Right. I don't beileve that." Cami rolled her eyes.

"Ya well....."

Zebrina laughed. They argued so often she didn't even pay attention anymore. 

"Do the smustle!" she sang.
No one noticed when Sheree had her birthday. He aged up beautifully looking just like all the other girls in her family.
So there ya go!Sorry it took so long. Lot's going on in real life. School starts up in 3 days but I will try to post another chapter in less than a month! Lemme know what you think. I leave you with these pictures of Zebrina, who will not stop doing the smustle!, and Cami who is too pretty to Smustle.


  1. LOL! The smustle is so weird :p

    So, new house, new town, old problems? I do feel a little bad for Jessie, but she deserves to be punished and she needs some tough love.

    1. Yeah I was getting tired of the giant house. I mean there was so much room for activities but it looked like a lego and all the pets caused too much lag. Very pretty house though. I'm happy.

  2. I really feel for Rina, she's stuck looking after both her sisters' kids and giving up plenty of stuff for them while both Cami and Jessie seem to care more about their own happiness than that of their respective children.

    1. Dead on with that one. I didn't even plan it that way. Cami has not autonomously interacted with Cadyn like ever. Jessie just plays computer games all day....

  3. Haha, I love how she's doing the smustle while there is fighting going on in the background! I love the smustle, I find it so funny, my founder Kona, loved to do the smustle, lol

    Cami, kissing a guy in front of his wife, is not very smart. *shakes head* I love the chemistry thought bubble over the sim couple making out, what a great capture!

    It's a good thing those kids have a great aunt that cares for them. =)