Saturday, August 24, 2013

1.29 - Long Time No See

"So remind me again why we had to move?"  Cami whined.

"Because Jessie was attracting unwanted attention. You may not have noticed the paparazzi everywhere but I did and I don't want the children growing up around that." Zebrina answered for the hundreth time.

"I didn't want to move! What about all my clients? They needed me!"

"Damn it Cami you think I wanted to move? I lost my horses for pete's sake! Feugo and I were headed straight for the top but I put the children before me and they aren't even mine! Why am I the only responsible one around here!" she fumed.

They finally arrived at the new house. 

"It's so modern! So huge! I love it!" Cami exclaimed.

The new house was located on the edge of Moonlightfalls. It had five bedroom which meant no one had to share a room. Upstairs was a very modern walkway and four of the bedrooms. Jessie was given the room downstairs.

"I freaking love it here. A gym and spa. I may never leave." Cami said sinking deeper into the water.

Jessie had ran to her room as soon as they arrived but Zebrina took the opportunity to talk to the kids.
"Cadyn? Are you okay? You've been really quiet."

"Ya. I'm okay. I just don't want to go inside yet."

Rina nodded. "Are you going to miss the old house? And your friends?"

"I don't know. Maybe I will find new friends here. Back home everyone teased me about my dad. It sucks not knowing having a dad." he sighed.

Zebrina choked on her breath. She remembered those moments. The moments when you feel unwanted. She had always run to her sister when she felt that way. She could only imagine how Cadyn felt. He had a mother but not one that listened. Cami did not have a maternal bone in her body it seemed. 

"I know how that feels. You know I'm always here if you wanna talk or hang out, right?"

"Ya. I know..." Cadyn trailed off. He sat still for a moment then went back to playing with his doll.
"So Rina am I allowed to participate in the festivities?" Jessie asked and made a motion to Cami and the keg.

Zebrina laughed. "Are you kidding? You're gonna be upstairs with the kids. If I catch you with a drink in your hand you are going straight to jail for the night. I'm not kidding Jessie."
"Oh come on! You can't keep me up there. My bedroom is downstairs."

"Your baby is upstairs."
"What about this. I keep track of Sheree and as long as I don't drink I can come downstairs?"

"Fine but not a single drink."
The party went great.
Cami danced with almost every guy there, single or not. Every single man found her attractive and tried to hit on her at one point in the night.
The keg flowed like a river and even Rina ended up pretty plastered.
Not as much as Cami though. This guy did not appreciate a surprise kiss when his wife war across the room.
Speaking of wives, these two made out in the kitchen and then woohooed in Jessie's bed. Needless to say she will be having another baby soon.
A few days later Cami headed for the park to meet one of the guys from the party. She couldn't remember which but that didn't matter.
"Hi. I'm Cami. I beileve we met at my party?"

"No no. I do not have time for parties. I am the proprietor I have way too much to do than hang around peasants like you."
"I think you hav me confused with someone else. I am Cami Rain, professional stylist and it looks like you need some work." she scoffed.

They talked for a while and after the inital snobbishness was over they really clicked. Cami also got a phone call from her 'date'. He ended up being a no show. 
"Ya. Right. I don't beileve that." Cami rolled her eyes.

"Ya well....."

Zebrina laughed. They argued so often she didn't even pay attention anymore. 

"Do the smustle!" she sang.
No one noticed when Sheree had her birthday. He aged up beautifully looking just like all the other girls in her family.
So there ya go!Sorry it took so long. Lot's going on in real life. School starts up in 3 days but I will try to post another chapter in less than a month! Lemme know what you think. I leave you with these pictures of Zebrina, who will not stop doing the smustle!, and Cami who is too pretty to Smustle.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1.28 - House Rules

One evening, there was a knock on the front door.  Hardly ever did anyone come and visit so Zebrina rushed downstairs.  She stopped abruptly when she recognized the figure behind the door. Her  purple and blue hair looked as if it had not been brushed in ages and the red jumpsuit resembled those of the inmates from Bridgeport Prison. But the most peculiar thing was the toddler Jessie Belle held in her arm. Same colorful hair and skin tone. It must be her daughter.  Zebrina approached the door and opened it slowly.
"What are you doing here Jessie?" Rina asked, venom in her voice.

"You don't see your sister in years and this is how you greet her? Pretty rude if you ask me."

"Ya well you don't exactly look like the kind of person we need around here."

"I don't care. Where's mom?"
Zebrina clutched her heart. "She's gone. She died last year."

"Oh. Well shit. " Jessie frowned.  "I need to stay here."
"Are you kidding?! Why should we let you stay here? You ran off and left us without a goodbye. You broke mom's heart.  You cause nothing but trouble."

Jessie was about to scream back but instead she bit her tongue.
"Please Zebrina? I don't have much choice. I asked Katrina but she turned me away. Apparently she turned away from the criminal life. The judge told me I need to find a place to stay or else they will take Sheree away and I will have to go back to prison. "

Zebrina gave her sister a stern look.  "What the hell is on her face?"

"Make-up? I didn't have enough for myself so I figured I may as well make her look hot.  I sewed the outfit myself."

"God damn Jessie she looks like a prosti-tot.  Go put her in Cadyn's old crib. You can stay here tonight but as soon as Cami gets home we need to talk."
They all sat down in the living room. No one said anything for a while until Cami cleared her throat and began, "Where have you been, Jessie?"

"Why did you leave? Mom was worried sick about you. She thought you ran off and got yourself killed. " Zebrina choked out.
Jessie stared at her hands." I got a job offer. The Den offered to pay all of my expenses if I moved to Bridgeport to train the new recruits there."

She took a deep breath as she began to tell the tale of what had happened over the years.
"I was to be working under Elvira and Beau Slayer. Probably fake names but whatever. They had to manage the rest of the criminals so they didn't have time to train the new recruits. They told me that the recruits would become the new undercover team. No one was to know that they were criminals."
"Harry Marks was the intimidating one. I think it was just the mustache. His job was to remain hidden and interrogate anyone that didn't cooperate.  If things went bad, he would be the one to get rid of all evidence too."
"Darrick Weller, the bad boy.  He can charm his way into the strictest security zones.  His looks and asshole attitude keeps the heat off the others but since he never actually does anything wrong he always get away free."
"Bianca Rubble. She uses her tits to get anything and everything she wants. No man or woman can resist her blatant sexuality. Her job usually involves seducing a few people,  gathering valuables, and then having the victim send her off with a smile. The idiots don't even realize she scammed them."
"Finally, there's Alexy Fresco. He's the tech guy. Jamming signals, placing false clues in the police database. He does it all. He could probably frame a gecko for the death of the Leader of the Free World."
"He's not a very tough guy though. Only place he is safe is behind a computer. Ha."
"First thing I did was get the scrawny criminals to the gym. They needed to be tough enough to take care of themselves in case things got rough. No way in hell was I going to risk my butt for a couple of amateurs."
"Then I took them to a club so I could watch their skills in action. Darrick and Bianca wooed the bouncers to get us inside and Alexy printed us V.I.P. tickets so nowhere was off limits . Free drinks all night.  I talked with Harry and he is actually pretty bad ass. The way he just sat all night and watched, it was creepy. I needed a drink so I sent Bianca over to get us some complementary drinks."
"She worked her magic and in a short time, we had free drinks all night long."
"Before I knew it, we were all wasted. Everyone was off doing there own things. I blacked out somewhere but I do remember making out with some dude in a suit."
"He was a great kisser. Slipped me some pills and the night went by in a slur of passion and ecstasy.  It was amazing."
"During the day, I trained the recruits. At night, booze and boys became my focus." 
"I had a new one every night. Sometimes they would bring more pills and we would dance the night away."
"But I didn't limit myself to men. Bridgeport women are freaks too." 
"Every night was different but still the same."
"The boys became boring. They were all too similar and were not making me feel as good as I had before. I upped my pills and downed more booze. I stopped going to work eventually."
"I was sitting on my floor shaking with the joy only the dynamic duo can make you feel."

"Darrick stopped by. Asked me why I stopped training them. I told him I was not interested in training him to be a criminal. He was much too cute. But I would teach him a few other things if he stayed."

"The next morning, Darrick was gone and a cop was standing in my room. Needless to say, I went to prison.
I was supposed to serve 30 years, but the judge was sweet on me when he found out I was pregnant. He told me I had to serve my time till the baby came and then I would become eligible for house arrest. Sheree was born and it took them a while to settle my terms.

They settled it last week. I was released this morning. For the next 20 years I am to be under house arrest. I can't leave. Tomorrow I need to call my PO and tell him where I will reside. If I don't have a permanent residence with a law abiding citizen I go to prison and Sheree goes in the system."
"So you get it? I wouldn't be here but I have no choice. Now are you going to help me or not?"
"We will help but you have to follow our rules. We choose your clothes, how you decorate your room, we will dress Sheree, and you will cook, clean, and take care of mom's garden."

Jessie frowned and then nodded.

"Good. Now go take a shower, you look like crap."